ETA-221, purchased early in 2013, is a 2013 International 7600 SBA 6x4 tandem chassis.  Classified as an engine-tanker, it boasts a 1250gpm Waterous pump with a 3000 gallon booster tank within a body manufactured by Toyne of Breda, Iowa.  The truck was purchased as a demo unit from VRS Sales of Clifton Park.  As the district served by the company has no municipal water system, the addition of this fire truck will provide a total of 7000 gallons of water to be delivered initially to a fire scene.  ETA-221 will also benefit neighboring companies, supplying a large amount of water quickly to fire scenes.


ER-222 is the fire company's main rescue apparatus. It contains the tools necessary for automobile extracation, including the JAWS of Life.  Also available is equipment for water or ice rescues and medical emergencies.  ER-222 can be used as an engine/pumper to support operations at a fire scene.  It features a 1000 gallon per minute Darley pump and a 750 gallon tank. It was purchased in 1995 from Kovatch Mobile Equipment (KME) located in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania.


ETA-223 is an engine-tanker with a 1000 gallon per minute Darley pump and a 1250 gallon booster tank.  It is used to support additional pumping capabilities at fire scenes or solely as a tanker to shuttle water.  It also contains the tools necessary to supress chimney fires or to act as a filling truck for other tankers.  ETA-223 was purchased in 1987 from Kovatch Mobile Equipment (KME) located in Nesquehoning, PA.


TA-224 is a tanker truck which holds 2000 gallons of water. It is used mainly to transport water from a fill site to the fire scene. There are no municipal water systems in Edinburg or Day, so in most cases water needs to be transported to the fire via the tanker trucks. TA-224 was purchased in January of 2007 from VRS Sales of Clifton Park, manufactured by Toyne of Breda, Iowa.  The truck also features a 500gpm Hale PTO-driven pump, 3 manual dump chutes, and a 2100 gallon portable pond.


F-225  was designed primarily as a brush truck. F-225 contains the equipment needed to fight a brush fire. As it is smaller than the other trucks and four-wheel drive, it can respond to more remote locations. It has a skid unit, which is a tank and a pump mounted together. The unit is then set into the recessed area on the back of the truck. The pump is capable of pumping 700 gallons of water per minute and the tank can hold up to 200 gallons of water. The truck is a Ford F-350 purchased from Brown's Ford in Johnstown, NY and the compartments, accessories and skid unit were installed by Wilde Fire Equipment of Mayfield, NY. F-225 arrived to the firehouse in January, 2001.


MR-226 is a 2002 Guardian being used by the fire company under a cooperative agreement with the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office. The boat is equipped with a "portable pump" which can draw water directly from the lake. Its use can range from a boat fire to a grass or brush fire near the shoreline which may not be immediately accessible to fire trucks. MR-226 is the primary responding fire/rescue apparatus for EVFC to any emergency on the Great Sacandaga Lake during boating season within district. Neighboring agencies on the lake may also request its response through Mutual Aid. For an emergency which requires diving, Corinth and/or South Glens Falls Fire Departments have specially trained and equipped dive teams.


MR-228 is a Sun Tracker pontoon boat purchased by the fire company from Alpin Haus, in April 2006. The boat is powered by a 50HP Mercury outboard engine.  It is kept on the Great Sacandaga Lake during the spring and summer months, boating season for the region. MR-228 can be used when additional resources are needed at an emergency scene on the lake.


The rescue sled is a 2001 Ski-Doo Skandic snowmobile with a toboggan that can be attached to it. The towns of Edinburg and Day are mainly forest lands with many snowmobile trails that cross through those forests. The rescue sled can be used to access those trails and rescue snowmobilers who may be trapped deep in the woods. The rescue sled can also respond to rescues on the Great Sacandaga Lake during the winter when the lake is frozen over.

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